Upgrade Guide

From laravel-lang/* to laravel-lang/common

Check the version of the framework and PHP against the compatibility table.

First remove the old dependencies:

composer remove laravel-lang/publisher laravel-lang/lang laravel-lang/attributes laravel-lang/http-statuses

After that, install the laravel-lang/common version of the desired version.

If you are using the list of localizations from the Laravel Lang: Publisher package in production, then use this command:

composer require laravel-lang/common

Otherwise, we recommend installing dependencies in the dev block:

composer require laravel-lang/common --dev

Enjoy! 🙂

From caouecs/laravel-lang

If you are using the old version of the laravel-lang/lang package when it was called caouecs/laravel-lang, then you need to follow the steps below to upgrade.

You also need to remove all package managers responsible for installing localizations in the project. You can do all this with one command:

composer remove caouecs/laravel-lang laravel-lang/publisher overtrue/laravel-lang arcanedev/laravel-lang andrey-helldar/laravel-lang-publisher

Next, you need to delete the config/lang-publisher.php file if it exists:

rm -f config/lang-publisher.php

After that, you can install the latest version of Laravel Lang:

composer require laravel-lang/common --dev