General principles

Json fallbacks doesn't workopen in new window in the Laravel Framework.

To solve this problem, install the Laravel Lang: JSON Fallback Hotfixopen in new window package.

Almost all console commands accept an array of localizations as a parameter.

For example:

php artisan lang:<command> en de ro
php artisan lang:<command> de
php artisan lang:<command>


  • en de ro - a list of locales separated by a space;
  • de - it is also possible to specify a single localization name;
  • if the parameter is not passed during the call, the script will ask two questions:
    • Do you want to %s all localizations?, when %s is install, remove or reset;
    • If no, then next question is Select localizations to add (specify the necessary localizations separated by commas).

When performing any work with files (install, uninstall, reset and update), in addition to php files, work with json files, including translation for Laravel Frameworkopen in new window, Jetstreamopen in new window , Fortifyopen in new window, Cashieropen in new window, Breezeopen in new window, Novaopen in new window , Sparkopen in new window and UIopen in new window, will also be automatically performed.